You want to do something great -

We want to help you get there

Working at Momentum Capital Partners
Broad Experience

You will be involved in the entire transaction process

  • Sourcing

  • Working with bankers 

  • Calls with owners

  • Preparing IOI/LOI

  • Financial analysis

  • Industry expert interviews 

  • Deep industry research

  • Preparing a CIM for our IC


This is WAY more than a "sourcing" internship. 

Amazing Culture

We care about our interns both professionally and personally. You will have a weekly 1on1 with a partner, receive extensive training and mentorship, present to the team, work with peers, and enjoy lunch during our weekly staff meeting.


We definitely do not have an IB vibe.

Super Flexible

We have high expectations for our interns, with weekly goals and proactive accountability. But we know you have a lot on your plate. Interns work 15-20 hours per week, get a week off for midterms, get two weeks off for finals, and longer breaks between semesters. 

You're working for free, but you're still a human being.

Growing with Momentum
  • 1st Semester

  • 15-20 hours per week

  • Broad Experience

  • Extensive Training

  • Time off for exams

  • 2nd & 3rd Semester

  • Increased flexibility with working hours

  • Higher % of time spent on diligence and leading analysts through diligence

  • Mentoring opportunities with incoming interns

Senior Associate
  • 4th Semester +

  • Increased flexibility with working hours

  • Focused on leading diligence and strategic initiatives

  • More time vetting clients & leading client meetings

  • Time off for exams

The Team at Momentum Capital Partners

Alicia Ye

Finance '23

Anna Hall

Public Relations '21

Anna Tracey

Finance '22

Jackson Joffe

Finance '22

Jacob Huntley

Strategy '23

Lewie Taylor
University of Utah

Finance '20

Sri Sharma
IU - Kelley School

Finance '23

Songlin Li
Johns Hopkins 

MS Finance '21