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The Investors of Momentum Capital Partners

Momentum Capital Partners has received capital from 16 highly-experienced, talented, small business investors and institutions. They have purchased and currently sit on the boards of dozens of lower-middle market companies. It's likely that at least one of them will take a board seat in the company that is purchased by Momentum Capital Partners.

Relay Investments is a private equity fund focused on backing talented, young and aspiring entrepreneurs, who plan to acquire and operate a small or medium sized business. Relay has participated in acquiring more than 60 companies since 2014. The firm is based in Boston.

WSC & Company is a private investment firm focused on acquiring businesses by backing entreprenuers and supporting their efforts to find and operate small- to mid-sized companies. WSC has participated in acquiring more than 30 businesses.

Miramar Equity Partners is a Dallas-based family office with two decades of investing in small- and medium-sized businesses. To date, Miramar has made dozens of investments in entreprenuers and their acquired companies.

Maven Equity Partners is a private equity firm focused on small- to mid-sized companies. Maven partners with talented entrepreneurs to source, acquire, and grow small businesses.

Housatonic was founded in 1994 and continues to invest in growing, profitable companies in the recurring business services, technology, and healthcare sectors and develops long-term partnerships with search fund entrepreneurs.

The Operand Group and its partners are successful managers with deep operational experience. It has successfully partnered with many of the best and brightest entrepreneurs to find and acquire profitable lower middle-market businesses. In so doing, The Operand Group seeks to create value for sellers in transition, aspiring managers, and its partners and co-investors. The Operand Group has participated in acquiring 28 companies.

Cerralvo Capital was founded by five seasoned investors and CEOs with the intent to partner with and invest in high-quality entrepreneurs to acquire and operate small- to mid-sized companies.

Partner Ventures and its principals have been investing in venture capital and small- to mid-market acquisition funds for 32 years. They have invested in more than 25 funds to date.

ETA Equity's sole mission is to successfully and responsibly invest in entrepreneurs who desire to acquire and build exceptional companies. ETA does this by combining their expertise in investing and operating with their obsession to help their entrepreneurs succeed.

Marion Equity Partners

With over 250 acquisition fund investments and over 50 years of management and investment experience, Red Forest Capital is organized to find, acquire and grow business in the small- to mid-market.

Ashford Ventures is led by entreprenuers and investors with decades of experience acquiring and managing companies. Ashford leverages its expereince to partner with entreprenuers to acquire and successfully operate private businesses.

Marion Equity Partners has decades of expereince aquiring and operating companies with a focus on enabling entreprenuers to identify, acquire, and successfully assume the top management roles of an acquired company.

Archipelago Capital Partners

Archipelago Capital Partners a Boston-based private investment firm established in 2008 led by serial entrepreneurs and investors. Since its founding, Archipelago has made investments in acquisition funds and in select startup ventures in the United States and in Europe.

Kirk Riedinger

Kirk Riedinger is a pioneer of entrepreneurship through acquisition and has decades of expereince as both an investor and business leader.

Jamie Greene

Jamie Greene has extensive investment experience in the mid-market, with expertise in sourcing, asset selection, and post-acquisition operations.

BC Partners

BC Partners was formed by two principals with extensive operational and investment experience in the small- to mid-market. They actively partner with entrepreneurs by funding acquisition opportunities and serving in advisory roles post-acquisition.