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We want to keep it that way

What is the transaction process like with Momentum Capital Partners?

Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. We hope to approach the process in a way that meets your needs and achieves a win-win outcome. One reason for our personal approach is that this will be our only transaction. Additionally, we'll be moving our families and investing our lives into running and growing the business - it will become a primary focus of our lives, much the way it has been for you. As such, we care deeply about the "people" side of the transaction.

Our commitment to you is to be totally honest and as organized and timely as possible. If we move into an exclusive due diligence phase, we will provide you with a clear timeline and set of action items we will need to take. This can help you anticipate questions we are going to ask and feel comfortable about what is going to occur throughout the process. In the case that you decide to remain involved in the business in some way, this process lays the groundwork for a longer-term partnership of collaboration and empathy.

Because of our commitment to a transparent, win-win transaction, we will involve an elite team of professionals throughout the diligence process. This will include our investor team to great degree, and our legal, lending, accounting, and technical diligence partners. We are happy to share more details about those parties when appropriate, but rest assured that they top-tier individuals.

The following graphic describes the broad process we would go through with you, the seller.

MCP Process.png
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