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You built something great -

We want to keep it that way

Our Team

We are a group of over 20 operating executives, entrepreneurs, and experienced private equity firms and family offices. We have been deep in the trenches of operating growing businesses for decades, both as executives and while supporting many other CEOs we’ve invested in.  Currently, we sit on the boards of dozens of small businesses across all major industries and sectors. If we pursue a transaction with you, we will look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Managing Partners

Shawn Hallam

Shawn Hallam

Erick Hollenbaugh


General Partners


Kurt Leedy

Current: Managing Partner, Miramar Search Partners

Former: Bain & Co

MBA, The Wharton School

Sandro Mina.jpeg

Sandro Mina

Current: Managing Partner, Relay Investments

Current Boards: 9

Former CEO,


MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Mark Sinatra

Current: CEO, Aspen HR

Current: Co-founder, ETA Equity

Former: CEO, Staff One, Inc.

MBA, The Wharton School

Kirk Riedinger.jpg

Kirk Riedinger

Current: Private Investor

Former: Co-CEO, Alta Colleges

MBA, Harvard Business School

Badge Stone.png

Badge Stone

Current: Managing Director, WSC & Company

Former: CEO, Perimeter Security Systems

Former: President, Stone Pump & Trench

MBA, Harvard Business School

Blake Macleod.jpg

Blake Macleod

Current: Partner, Archipelago Capital Partners

Former: Founder & CEO, Waves Gear 

Former: Founder & CEO, Kawartha Outdoor

MBA, Babson FW Olin


Jose Stella

Current: Co-CEO, QMC Telecom

Former: Co-founder, VIU Media


Current Boards: 3

MBA, University of Michigan


Rafael Somoza

Current: Co-CEO, QMC Telecom

Former: Co-founder, VIU Media


Current Boards: 1

MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Charbel Zreik.jpeg

Charbel Zreik

Current: Private Investor

Former: CEO, DCI - Design Communications

Former: McKinsey & Co

MBA, The Wharton School


Will Thorndike

Current: Founding Partner, Housatonic Partners


Current Boards: 7

Author, The Outsiders

MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Joe Niehaus.jpeg

Joe Niehaus

Current: Managing Partner, Housatonic Partners

Former: Private Equity Investor

Current Boards: 8

MBA, Harvard Business School

Blake Winchell.jpeg

Blake Winchell

Current: Professor of Entrepreneurship, IE Business School, Madrid Spain

Former: Bain & Co

MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Tomas Bergstrand.jpeg

Tomas Bergstrand

Current: Private Investor

Former: Banking, US & Singapore


Current Boards: 3

MS, Finance, Columbia University

Carlos Saez.jpeg

Carlos Saez

Current: Managing Director, The Operand Group

Former: Chief Investment Officer, Spot Trading

Current Boards: 4

MBA, Chicago Booth


Neal Jacobs

Current: Managing Partner, Maven Equity Partners

Former: Partner, Cambrian Capital & Bodri Capital

MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Macon Carroll.jpg

Macon Carroll

Current: Partner, WSC and Company

Former: VP Operations, Griffen Brothers Companies

MBA, UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School

Bill Egan.jpeg

Bill Egan

Current: General Partner, Alta Communications and Marion Equity Partners

Former: Chairman, National Venture Capital Association

Former: Board of Overseers of The Wharton School

MBA, The Wharton School


Mark Egan

Current, Managing Partner, Marion Equity Partners

Former, Polaris Venture Partners

MBA, The Wharton School


Matt Burr

Current: Managing Partner, Red Forest Capital

Former: Cambridge Associates

Current Boards: 3

BA, Harvard; MS Environmental Management, Duke University


Jaime Greene

Current: Co-founder, Hypopara Research Foundation

Former: Housatonic Partners

BA, Finance, The Wharton School

Matthew Zucker.jpeg

Matthew Zucker

Current: Co-founder, ETA Equity

Former: Chief Investment Officer at a family office

Former: KPMG

MBA, The Wharton School

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