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Focused on acquiring, operating, and growing one amazing business

Momentum Capital Partners exists to facilitate the purchase of a single healthy, privately-held company. Shawn Hallam and Erick Hollenbaugh manage the fund, and they will take permanent, full-time executive roles in the company they acquire. They are backed by over 20 operating executives and serial middle-market investors.

Momentum Capital Partners provides a unique and attractive exit opportunity for a business owner. The high-integrity and people-oriented values and leadership styles of Shawn and Erick allow you to entrust your legacy, employees and customers into caring, capable hands.

About Momentum Capital Partners

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Our Process

We know that exiting a business is a hugely important and often stressful event. We want to make it as transparent, honest, and easy as possible.

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Our Investors

Momentum Capital Partners has received capital from over 20 operating executives and serial lower-market business investors who sit on the boards of dozens of small-to-medium sized companies. They are an important part of our team and are very much active participants.

Why Momentum?

Momentum Capital Partners is different because for us, it's literally personal. Learn more how we are different from Private Equity or similar kinds of buyers.

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 One of your biggest challenges in selling your business is succession planning. We solve that problem. Our complimentary backgrounds make us an ideal partnership to bring into your executive team. 

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